Wal-mart to install Solar in car parks in Sahuarita, Arizona.

Bright skys and an even brighter energy future for Sahuarita, Arizona!

http://news.google.com<Sun, 18 Aug 2013 05:20:59 GMT

‘Wal-Mart on Monday will begin installing three solar canopies to reduce utility costs and create shade for about 150 parking spaces’. This will mean that the Wal-Mart will make money from its Solar installation and its customers will benefit from their cars being kept cool by being away from the intense heat of the Arizona sun. Whilst the effects of the sun are much less in Britain, when we do get an intense heat you can really feel it when you get in your car! Also just think of the empty space in most of Britain’s car parks which could be used to not only keep your car cool, but also make the supermarket your visiting money which may in turn keep food costs lower. Many other Wal-Mart stores in the area have had Solar roof installations. ‘The project should be completed by mid-September’. So this shows Wal-Marts intention in this area to go green fast. The long term intentions of Wal-Mart are ‘to stabilize energy costs, reduce overhead expenses and use clean energy sources’. In time this will be an issue that will affect us all so why not click here or below to find out how you can save today.
Wal-Mart to install solar parking structures in Sahuarita – Green Valley News

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